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Cosmetic + Bariatric Surgery

As the incidence of “elective” cosmetic medical treatment grows, not surprisingly, we have seen a growth in claims relating to non-essential treatment.

In recent times we have investigated and are involved in a whole series of cases relating to cosmetic breast surgery + to bariatric (weight-loss) surgery. Serious complications have been experienced by our clients, including, at worst, loss of life due to such primarily cosmetic, non-essential treatment.

Claims arise due to dissatisfaction with the technical performance of the procedure and also in some cases, with the failure of the treatment to fulfill the patient’s expectations (where unreasonable expectations arose due to their doctor’s advice). Claims are also not uncommon in relation to infection and problems experienced after surgery.

Our view is that such claims are increased by the present uncertain accreditation of doctors in this area, with procedures being performed by a range of practitioners with significantly varying degrees of training, experience and competence.

We have handled many claims relating to breast reduction surgery and facial enhancements (eyelid raising, removal of tissue beneath the lids etc). Claims relating to Laser Eye Surgery and lens replacement for early cataracts have been successfully pursued.

We are presently handling several claims relating to serious complications following IPL and other ‘beauty’ treatment. This again seems an emerging area. Claims for ‘medical care’ provided by non-medical qualified beauticians etc.

  • Negligently performed abdoplasty/tummy tucks (repeated)
  • Negligently performed blepharoplasty
  • Poorly completed elective orthodontic work
  • Negligently performed liposuction
  • Negligently performed chemical peel
  • Negligently performed laser therapy
  • Negligently performed cosmetic surgery (facelift, rhinoplasty, otoplasty)
  • Strictures following breast augmentation surgery
  • Breast asymmetry following breast augmentation surgery
  • Oesophageal perforation following lap band surgery
  • Serious complications following vertical sleeve gastrectomy