Spinal Injury Compensation Lawyers

As the spine is arguably the most major, highly important bone in the body, spinal injury cases are painful, stressful, and often debilitating for person suffering. If you have a spinal injury from negligence in a medical procedure, we’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve and require.

At Julian Johnson Lawyers, our spinal injury lawyers have experience dealing with compensation claims and are committed to providing you with legal advice and/or representation in order to achieve an appropriate outcome.

In our view, anyone contemplating investigating or pursuing a spinal cord injury claim should choose a prospective lawyer, one with a history of the utmost specified experience in this field to ensure a successful outcome. Below are some of the claims our team are currently handling (or have previously and successfully handled) related to spinal injury:

  1. Spinal cord injury caused due to someone else’s negligence, i.e., a medical procedure.
  2. Failure to warn of risks associated with spinal cord surgery.
  3. Failure to warn mother of risks associated with epidural anaesthesia during labour resulting in a spinal cord injury. See our obstetrics services.



If you or someone you love is suffering from a spinal injury, our experienced lawyers at Julian Johnson can assist, helping you achieve compensation for any of the following related to your claim:

  • Any modification costs to your vehicle, or a special vehicle
  • Home modifications
  • The cost of special equipment (insurance and maintenance costs included)
  • Pharmaceutical expenses and medical supplies
  • Support worker care, respite, or paid nursing
  • Rehabilitation costs e.g., hoists, gym equipment
  • Psychiatric and psychological support
  • Any costs associated with managing your compensation



Our caring and attentive spinal compensation lawyers are committed to handling your case with sensitivity and respect. Led by leading medical negligence lawyer, Julian Johnson, our highly accredited team bring with them a wealth of medical law experience and knowledge to every case, ensuring accountability and responsibility when things go wrong. Read more about us here or contact our Perth office today on (08) 6380 0700.

About Julian Johnson

Renowned as Perth’s leading medical negligence lawyer, Julian Johnson is the founder and principal of Julian Johnson Lawyers. He graduated in Law from the University of Western Australia in 1988 and became a partner at Ilbery Barblett and O’Dea, before establishing his own firm in 2001. Julian is dedicated to assisting those who have suffered from inadequate medical care. He is recognised as a leading national lawyer in medical negligence by Doyle’s Guide.

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