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As Western Australia’s only specialist medical law firm, we are dedicated to using our greater skills, expertise and knowledge of medical negligence in WA to help people who have suffered due to poor and unacceptable medical care.

At Julian Johnson Lawyers, our team are led by Perth’s leading medical negligence lawyer, Julian Johnson, and are here to ensure accountability and responsibility when things go wrong.

Our highly accredited team of medical malpractice lawyers and solicitors are based in Perth and hold strong backgrounds in both health and law, giving our firm the unparalleled expertise to handle any medical negligence claim that comes our way. Our wealth of experience means our medical malpractice attorneys understand the pitfalls and have an invaluable, ‘hands on’ understanding of how hospitals, clinics and health professionals operate. This knowledge, plus the energy and determination we have to help people get the outcome they deserve on their medical negligence claim, makes Julian Johnson Lawyers Perth’s leading medical lawyers.

Areas of Medicine


Birth Injury

Birth injury, or obstetrics, is an area of considerable complexity and covers claims arising from complications of childbirth. Claims can also involve cerebral palsy claims, as well as maternal injury claims.

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Accident & Emergency

As the first point of contact for those in urgent need, a single delay or error can have serious consequences and can arise due to the time-critical nature of initiating care.

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General practice

Unfortunately, an area of medicine in which we often see due to failing to escalate investigations or referring patients for specialist advice.

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bariatric surgery

Also known as weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery is an emerging key area of practice. While often portrayed as simple, risk-free and effective, this is tragically an area in which surgery, can have devastating consequences.

We have and continue to handle large numbers of case, involving lap band, sleeve gastrectomy and other weight-loss surgeries.

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Unfortunately, one of our most common area of claims over the years with cases often arising from poor communication, inadequate warnings and discussion of alternatives.

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Orthopaedics + Neurosurgery

Another area we’ve traditionally seen a high number of surgical claims. Often arising from poor advice, lack of technical proficiency and management of post-operative complications, particularly around infection and DVT.


With the increased reliance on imaging and the volume of work faced by radiologists, errors in analysis and reporting can undoubtedly arise.

We also see a recurrence of claims where the lines between surgeon and radiologist in interventional radiology are blurred.

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This is an emerging area of work as recognition of mental health grows. We see claims arising due to misdiagnosis, poor management of medication and failure to identify and ‘protect’ at-risk patients, sometimes with tragic consequences.


A deeply emotive and complex area of work with claims sadly arising far more often than they should. Claims handled can be related to delay in diagnosis and treatment of both common and uncommon forms of cancer.

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Other claims

In addition to the areas above, we also handle a large number of claims across an array of other areas in medical law, including cardiology, gastroenterology, cosmetic surgery and nursing care. We also handle claims in allied health care, including claims related to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and naturopathy.

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Mabior: the Appeal Decision – 5PB means nothing?

WA's Court of Appeal has now handed down its decision in the case brought on behalf of Sunday Mabior, the young 16-month-old child who suffered burns and then medical care at Princess Margaret Hospital, almost 14 years ago, in December 2005. Sunday's claim succeeded...

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