As specialised medical negligence lawyers, we at Julian Johnson Lawyers believe our niche expertise and knowledge allows us to approach your case with greater focus and understanding than more generalised law firms. Find out more about our legal fees and ‘no win, no fee’ policy for medical negligence claims below.




In most cases, if we agree to look into your case, we will be prepared to agree to complete the initial investigation phase of your medical negligence claim on the basis that if we do not obtain a supportive independent medical specialist’s opinion, we will either agree not to charge you for the work we do to such point or that our fee will be a specified fixed sum.

You will almost always need to meet the costs of the independent medical specialist’s opinion, who will advise us as to whether your poor outcome results from a lack of appropriate care or skill on the part of the doctor or other health professional concerned.

We will let you know how much such cost will be before we go ahead and obtain the opinion. Clients are often content to meet such cost, even in cases in which, ultimately, the opinion is not critical of the care that has been provided, given the peace of mind an independent opinion provides in explaining how their problems occurred.




If we obtain a supportive impartial medical specialist opinion and advise you that we believe a medical negligence claim can be made, we will then enter an agreement with you as to our fees for pursuing your claim. We will generally agree to delay any charge for our services, until your claim is finished.

If your claim is settled by negotiation at pre-trial conference or otherwise, the doctor or other health professional’s insurer will usually, as part of the settlement, contribute towards your legal costs. We generally find such contribution is about 50% of our legal costs. The balance is deducted from your settlement when the claim is finalised.



Claims Proceeding to Trial

If your claim is one of the small minority in which a trial is required, either because no offer at all is made concerning your claim (and you wish to pursue the matter to hearing) or any offer is unacceptable to you, we will seek to agree a fixed fee for conducting the trial for you.

The amount of such fixed fee will depend upon the complexity of the case, the reasons it is proceeding to trial and the other circumstances.

We assure you that if we believe your claim is strong and that the doctor, hospital or other health professional responsible is not being fair, we will do all we can (within reason) to see that you have an opportunity, if this is what you want, to take your case to trial.

We promise that if we have encouraged you and advised we believe your claim has merit, we will be prepared to ‘put our money’, our legal fees, where our ‘mouth’ is with our ‘no win, no fee’ policy.

We understand that often deciding to investigate a claim is a very big first step to take. Most people are frightened of or at least apprehensive of the legal system, lawyers, or at the thought of ‘taking on’ a doctor, hospital or ‘the medical profession.’

To make it as easy as possible, just fill out the form and we will contact you to let you know whether we think investigating a claim is something you should think about. There’s no obligation and no fee involved.

If you’d prefer, we can even just send you an email answering your question (if it is simple enough!) or pointing you in the right direction.

If we think a claim is worth investigating, we’ll arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat.

If you want, go ahead and let us help you with the first step.

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