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Suing a Doctor for Medical Malpractice

General Practice is the ‘coalface’ of modern medicine. Claims have and do arise often due to delay in referral or investigation of serious medical concerns, resulting in a negligence case where a patient may sue the doctor.

We have handled repeated breast cancer cases against GPs for failing to follow accepted principles for investigating breast concerns, including application of the well known ‘triple test.’

Because of the scale of numbers of patients being seen, doctors in a modern general practice must have clear and robust systems for following up patient test results and ensuring patient review/referral. In recent times we have noted a growth in ‘systems failure’ claims, relating essentially to clerical or administrative errors leading to inaccurate advice as to test results, follow up recommendations or counselling, sometimes with very serious consequences (and in several cases, tragically life-ending consequences).

Patients can sue a doctor for various claims, these include:

  • Negligent failure to inform patient of presence of breast cancer on FNA
  • Failure to investigate persistent headaches (due to undiagnosed coloid cyst)
  • Failure to perform careful clinical examination of patient’s concerning breast lump (many)
  • Negligent prolonged prescription of steroid medication inducing side-effects
  • Negligent performance of ganglion surgery (several)
  • Negligent management of Warfarin medication + monitoring of INR levels
  • Negligent failure to investigate coughing of blood, due to undiagnosed dvt and pulmonary emboli
  • Negligent failure to investigate and diagnose heart attack


Suing The Doctor For Medical Negligence

Under the legal system in Australia, a doctor can be sued if a breach in duty of care resulting in harm or injury has occurred. We understand that often deciding to investigate a claim is a very big first step to take. Most people are frightened of or at least apprehensive of the legal system, lawyers, or at the thought of suing a doctor, hospital or ‘the medical profession.’


At Julian John Lawyers, we understand that pursuing a claim against your doctor or hospital can be a daunting task. We have successfully helped clients bring claims against their medical provider and can help you investigate your case and navigate the legal system. To make it as easy as possible, just fill out the form and we will contact you to let you know whether we think investigating a claim is something you should think about. There’s no obligation and no fee involved.

If you’d prefer, we can even just send you an email answering your question (if it is simple enough) or pointing you in the right direction. To find out whether you can pursue a medical negligence claim and sue the doctor, contact Julian Johnson Lawyers today. If we think a claim is worth investigating, we’ll arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat.

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