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Why Us?

As we have said, false modesty aside, we think we handle medical negligence claims on behalf of patients (or other health consumers) and their families better than any one else in Western Australia. There are several reasons why we think this.

  • Firstly, this is the type of legal work we choose to specialise in, as a firm. No other firm in Western Australia does this.

    We do this because we enjoy this type of work most. We believe that specialising in it leads to greater skills, expertise and knowledge. We find it rewarding helping people who have suffered because of below acceptable medical care. Frankly, and probably because of these things, we find it more interesting and challenging than other personal injury or other legal work (no offense intended to other PI lawyers).

  • Secondly, we genuinely believe that our accumulated knowledge and experience, means that we can handle your claim better than others (who ‘dabble’).

    We know the pitfalls, sometimes from the hard experience of having fallen into them before, so we can avoid them for you.

    We have a team with a combination of Law and health backgrounds. This gives us a practical ‘hands on’ understanding of how hospitals, clinics and health professionals work ‘in the real world,’ rather than just in theory. This is useful and sometimes invaluable in trying to figure out what exactly has happened in your case…

  • Thirdly, we think Julian is an asset (its his firm after all…).

    We believe Julian’s experience and skills (in court and out) give our clients an advantage over our competitors.

    We hope (and believe) that those representing hospitals, doctors and others, respect our expertise and appreciate that we have the skills, passion, energy and determination to ensure accountability and responsibility when things go wrong due to a lack of care.