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Types of Claims

Although we have and can handle investigations and claims in relation to any area of medical practice, particular areas do seem to generate more claims than others. Via this page link to pages we have created providing some further summary information in relation to types of claim we have handled (and are handling), in specific areas of medical practice.

  • Obstetrics
    Always a hot topic in medical litigation. Claims handled involve cerebral palsy claims, other birth injury claims, as well as maternal injury claims.
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  • Gynaecology (and uro-gynaecology)
    For reasons that I have never worked out, our most common form of claim over the years.
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  • Cosmetic + Bariatric Surgery
    An emerging key area of practice. As medicine spreads its role from the ill to 'improving' the well, issues about vulnerability, expectations, information disclosure and the interface between medicine and commerce have emerged.
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  • Cancer (delay in diagnosis and treatment)
    Always an emotive and complex area of work. Claims relating to delay in diagnosis and treatment of most common (and some very uncommon) forms of cancer, sadly arise far more often than they should.
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  • General Practices
    The first point of contact for most medical care and unfortunately, an area of medicine in which claims often arise, most commonly for failure to further investigate or refer for specialist advice.
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  • Other Claims
    Apart from the areas above, we have handled and are handling a huge number of claims, covering areas such as cardiology, accident and emergency care, psychiatry, radiological care, neurosurgical care, epilepsy surgery, orthopaedic care and nursing care. Allied health care claims have included claims relating to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and naturopathy.
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