As you can gather, we have refreshed our website, moving to a Wordpress platform, which I am reliably advised allows for easier maintenance etc..  I hope you like it!  Feel free to provide any constructive criticism you feel appropriate!  I have promised myself that with the new site, I will finally get around to those information videos etc + am going to do a review generally of our content to make sure its as up to date as possible..

Also, the firm welcomes Ian Murray, as our newest recruit.  Ian has left the North of England’s winter for our current heat wave.  Ian has 5 years experience as a solicitor in medical litigation in the UK, working on both plaintiff and the defendant’s sides.  He is now going through the process for admission as a lawyer in Australia.  With Ian, Sue Hillman (articled clerk), Michal Kartuz (graduate: as she keeps reminding me, soon to be admitted!) + Tanya, we now have 5 legally qualified staff.

With our team, I am convinced that the firm is in its best shape ever to handle our clients’ work.  With Sue, Michal + Tanya having twin law/nursing backgrounds, we are well placed to provide the quality + service I would like.